Water : How, Why, When...

February 29, 2016 Rosemarie Buentiempo

Do you know how much water you should be drinking a day? The old 8x8 rule, 8 glasses of 8 ounces? Or do we divide our weight in half and drink that amount? Or is it 2/3rds? Every website you go to will tell you something different about what is the "right" amount of water to be drinking a day.  In reality, your health and lifestyle are major factors in giving YOU the right answer for YOU.  Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% of water, and we lose this every day with normal bodily functions like peeing, sweating and even breathing! So it is very important to fuel ourselves with this magic stuff every day.  I am not here to tell you the right amount for you to be drinking, do a bit of research and factor in your lifestyle when determining what is the right amount.  What I am going to talk about is how, why and when to nourish our bodies with water; so let's dive right in.  


It's pretty simple, just drink it.  But sometimes things get in the way, like work, school or just life.  We have so much going on already just living out our normal days we sometimes forget to take a moment and drink water; plus water can be kinda boring, especially with drinks like soda, Gatorade and juices.  But it's oh so vital to our bodily functions, so it is important to find new ways to get your water consumption.  Adding fruit to your water does wonders!  Cucumber lemon and mint are my favorite, but you can add berries, oranges, apples; the combinations are endless and you can switch them out so you don't get bored.  Fill a pitcher with water, add some fruit and sip on that all day.  Another great thing is making some lemon ice cubes.  Just squeeze lemon or lime juice into your trays, freeze and add to your glass of water for a nice tangy taste.  Infusing your water will not only be tasty, but depending on what you put in it will also benefit your well being.  Lemon juice is a natural detox which helps cleanse your body, cucumber aids with bloating along with MANY other benefits, and blueberries are packed with antioxidants.  You can also use this rule of infusing your water when having those delicious weekend cocktails.  Try substituting those heavy sugary mixers with a soda water and fruit, tastes delicious, a fraction of the calories, and you are getting hydrated with water, and maybe some vodka.  Another way to get that H20 in is by challenging yourself to drink a bit more water today than you did yesterday.  Labeling your water jug or even purchasing a motivational water bottle can help you by reminding you to drink a certain amount per hour, like these!




Bobby Boucher had it right, we are drinking the wrong water. So called energy drinks have taken over and tainted our minds with what is an actual energy drink.   Not only is water a vital nutrient, it basically is the fuel for all of our bodily functions. Becoming dehydrated lowers your energy level, which causes fatigue and laziness.  Allowing yourself to get thirsty means you are letting the process of dehydration to start, don't do that.  Since water increases your energy level you will start to see an increase in productivity as well as a better digestive system. If you need more reasons to why water is important remember that it is good for weight loss by curbing your appetite,  your skin, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidneys, bladder, digestion system and those ever so annoying headaches.


You should start watering your body from the moment you wake up.  Drinking 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake not only assists in purifying the colon, it also kick starts your day.  Instant hydration will flush away the toxins, boost your metabolism and basically fuels your brain to tackle on whatever is thrown at you.  Having a glass of water before, during and after a meal will also limit the amount of food you actually eat.  There are many times where we think we are hungry, where in fact we are just thirsty.  Another obvious time to be drinking water is during and after workouts.  This is a no brainier, but often forgotten while in deep workout sessions, don't skip the water, especially during the warmer summer days.  Another great and forgotten time to drink water is at those bars and nightclubs.  A friend of mine would always order her diet coke/vodka with a glass of water.  Being in my early 20's I didn't understand why she would get the water, to me it was like a blocker of that vodka soda she ordered.  In reality, she was prepping for the hangover.  Having a glass of water in between your booze drinks will most definitely help you avoid dehydration and the dreaded hangover in the morning.